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Head of the PhD Studies

Prof. Daniel K. Wójcik

tel: +48 22 5892348



PhD Studies Office

Katarzyna Gardocka

tel: +48 22 5892215



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Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) 2014-2020

Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, as the only institution of Polish Academy of Sciences in the field of biological sciences, received the Erasmus University Charter, received the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) 2014-2020.

This certificate is a document issued by the European Commission, authorizing institutions to participate in the Erasmus program and allows the international exchange of PhD students and staff, funded by the European Union.

See Erasmus Policy Statement


Counselor of the Disabled Persons

Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology has established the position of Counselor of the Disabled Persons who apply for and who pursue doctoral studies at the Institute of Experimental Biology. Contact:


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