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1 Localization of Ca2+ signals involved in gliotransmitter release Prof. dr hab. Leszek Kaczmarek/ Piotr Michaluk PhDLaboratory of Neurobiology
2 MMP-9 in shaping of synaptic plasticity: An individual dendritic spine approach Prof. dr hab. Leszek KaczmarekLaboratory of Neurobiology
3 Synaptic plasticity of appetitive learning Prof. dr hab. Leszek Kaczmarek/Anna Beroun PhD Laboratory of Neurobiology
4 The role of S-palmitoylation and S-nitrosylation interplay in the mouse model of depression Robert Filipkowski PhD, DSc; auxiliary supervisor Adam Krzystniak, PhDLaboratory of Cell Biophysics and Behavior and Metabolism Research Laboratory Mossakowski Medical Re
6 Exploring the effects of microcalcification on plaque vulnerability Prof. dr hab. Sławomir PikułaLaboratory of Biochemistry of Lipids
7 NCN-Abnormal oscillations in the NMDA receptor antagonist rat model of schizophrenia. Mark J. Hunt PhD, DScLaboratory of Neuroinformatics
8 Regulation of secretory function and inflammation of pericardial and pericoronary adipose tissue in cardiac dysfunction - role of stearoyl-CoA desaturase Paweł Dobrzyń PhD, DScLaboratory of Molecular Medical Biochemistry
9 Role of SCD1 and SCD4 in ischemia-induced angiogenesis and regulation of coronary artery function during atherosclerosis development Paweł Dobrzyń PhD, DScLaboratory of Molecular Medical Biochemistry
10 Investigation of the EEG correlates of attention and investigations the effective EEG-Neurofeedback aided by virtual reality prof. Andrzej Wróbel/ Jacek Rogala PhDLaboratory of Neurobiology of Vision

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