Information for applicants

Please  prepare following documents:

  • Signed application form - filled and scanned version of the form
  • Curriculum Vitae (in Polish or English)
  • Scan of University MSc diploma or equivalent with official transcript of student record
  • For undergraduates - official certificate confirming student status and due date of MSc examination.
  • the candidates for NCN - Nencki PhD program should prepare application for scholarship in the form.


  • Prepare the description of your scientific experience:

            list of publications - abstracts presented on international conferences
            scientific internship - labolatory experience, courses    


  • Documents should be in one of the following formats: PDF, RTF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, TIF, JPG, JPEG. All other file extension will be rejected by the system
  • File size should be smaller than 5 MB - for scanned materials use 150 dpi resolution and PDF format if possible. Warning - system will skip big files without alert message!
  • During the registration process do not use browser back and forward buttons as well as the reload function.
  • Do not use dots in filename except dot for file extension - remove or replace all other dots.

There are some problems with sending e-mails to public providers like Gmail, Yahoo, WP, Onet etc - If you can see last page with your registration number that means registration was successful.

You must agree to the following statement before you may start your submission:

In accordance with the personal data protection act from 29 th August 1997, I hereby agree to process and to store my personal data by the Institution for recruitment purposes.

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